LMQ News

New 2021-22 tyre rule.
The 2021-22 season will be the first season Late Models QLD will run the new compound tyre rule.
The new rule from LMA is:
15.14 A,) All tyres must be minimum compound of Hoosier 1300 or American Racer 44 (or harder) on all 4 corners.
LMQ was given the option to bring in the rule either this season or last season. The club decided to phase in the rule to allow all teams who owned softer tyres to use them last season and then bring in the new rule which is now rolled out nationwide for 2021-22.
LMQ is supports LMA in the new rule as it will help bring down the cost of Late Model racing and help for closer racing.

LMQ introduces Limited Late Models Series

Late Models QLD Would like to introduce to you, for the first time ever, The Limited Late Model Series and Super Late Model Series.

After much deliberation, Late Models QLD made the decision to run two series in the 2021-22 season.
The Limited Series is for cars running 376cu engines and smaller, and will run for their own points championship and other prizes.
The Super Late Model series is an open division where all cars within Late Models QLD are eligible for points and prizes, including Limited Late Models.
The Limited Late Models will run at the same time as the Super Late Models to keep high car counts, but the Limited Series is there as encouragement to those without the big budget to still going racing and have something to compete for.

Late Models QLD feel like this is a promising step towards the future to allow more affordable and exciting racing, with more opportunities opening in the future.re to edit text

The Late Model Queensland 2021-22 race calendar is here!
The 12th season for LMQ will kick off at Autobarn Carina International Speedway on November 6th 2021, the venue which will host 5 meetings this season including the QLD title on January 8th 2022.
After a several year absence, the series also will make its return to a couple of showground tracks down south with Grafton Speedway on February 12th 2022 and Lismore Speedway on April 2nd 2022, with drivers and promoters alike, very excited to see the biggest engines in speedway hammer around these tracks.
The series will also run a single race meeting at both Gympie Speedway on March 5th 2022 and Kingaroy Speedway on April 23rd 2022 as a part of their Easter Stampede
Also, this years Australian Title is the rescheduled 2020-21 meeting which will be held on February 25th and 26th at Premier Speedway, Warrnambool.
We cannot wait for this season to kick off and with practices only a month away, make sure you put the dates in your calendar now, because this is a season you don't want to miss!
2021-22 Queensland Title announced!
The first Queensland Late Model title since 2019 is set to be hosted at Autobarn Carina Speedway in Bundaberg this season on January 8th. The track was previously scheduled to host the 2020-21 title in July 2021, but the club rescheduled the event to the next season to allow more drivers to be able to attend. With Aaron Van Zeeland the only driver on the QLD grid this season to have taken out the event before, we will see a first time winner of the event or can Aaron claim his second state title.