What is a Dirt Late Model

The worlds biggest and fastest speedway sedan class in the world

The cars

A Dirt Late Model is a full bodied purpose built chassis race car using the biggest V8 engines in Speedway. The cars use coil over shock absorber and a very sophisticated 4 bar rear end suspension with a "J bar" penhard bar.  LMQ run Hoosier tyres and the car must weigh a minimum of 2200lbs after the race with the driver in the car. 


The engines are conventional V8 engines, based on a manufactured design, with no limit on cubic inch displacement, but most teams running around 430-433 ci making over 900 horsepower. The engines are naturally aspirated with a single conventional four barrel carburettor with most engines running on methanol. Chevrolet are the leaders in Late Model engines, bringing in purpose built oval racing crate engines, crate 350 (602), crate 400 (604) and crate 525 motors, all used on Dirt Late Models  


All chassis are purpose built out of 1.75" steel tube with 2"x 2" RHS steel. There are dozens of chassis manufacturers in the USA with some building cars for the last 50 years plus.  The chassis are left hand drive cars with the knowledge of racing counter clockwise, ovals and are offset accordingly.


The cars use nitrogen filled coil over shock absorbers that may be adjustable except from the cockpit of the car. The cars are limited to one shock per wheel, except for the left rear where they can use 2.  They also can run  a shock on the lift arm and one braking shock as well, using a 4 bar, bird cage rear end.