LMQ Driver Profiles

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Michael Jenner

Car number: 0

Chassis: Rocket
Years racing:
Racing Heroes:
Crew members:
Why Late Models:

Peter Jenner Gladstone

Car number: 05
Chassis: Rayburn
Sponsors: Elite Mechanical 4x4
Years racing: DEBUT
Racing heroes: Alex Jenner, Michael Jenner, Steve Jordan
Favourite track: Carina Speedway, Bundaberg
Occupation: Stay at home Dad
Crew members: Carley, Dad, AJ, Spud
Favourite Track: Carina
Why Late Models: The fun and the adrenaline rush

Drew Lawrence QLD
Car number: 5

Chassis: Rocket
Years racing:
Racing Heroes:
Crew members:
Why Late Models:

Alex Jenner (Slack) Biggenden
Car number and why: 6, because its been on all my racecars
Chassis: Rocket
Engine: 430ci small block Chevrolet
Sponsors: Elite Mechanical
Years racing: 23 years
Racing Heroes: John Leslight and Allan Butcher
Occupation: Retired
Crew Members: Friends and family
Why Late Models: The speed and exhilaration

Timothy Laird Caboolture

Car number and why: 13, born on Friday 13th

Chassis: Rayburn
Engine: 430ci Chevrolet
Sponsors: Laird Motorsports, Phil Laird Race Engines, Lachlan Onley Transport Services, Elite Mechanical 4x4
Years racing: 5
Racing Heroes: Lachlan Onley, Darren Kane
Occupation: Owner/Race engineer at Laird Motorsports
Crew members: Phil Laird, Bec Bray, Jack Laird

Favourite Track: Carina & Toowoomba
Why Late Models: It’s very raw and fast paced. You have to give it everything as a                                                                                                          driver for the car to work and pay you back with results.

Aaron 'Double A' Van Zeeland Brisbane

Car number: 22

Chassis: Warrior Race Car

Engine: 366ci Chevrolet
Sponsors: Pennant Commercial Equipment, Maman Bar and Kitchen, Naami Bar, All height access
Years racing: 16 Years
Racing Heroes: Chad Reed, Marcos Ambrose
Occupation: Sheet Metal Fabricator
Crew members: Mum, Dad, Kirstin and Bruce

Favourite track: Gympie Speedway
Why Late Models: Because it's the fastest sedan class in the world

Christopher Carlish Caboolture
Car number: 25
Chassis: Rayburn
Engine: 406ci alloy Chevrolet
Sponsors: Dirtx tyre, Tullboro Speedway store
Years racing: DEBUT
Occupation: Rental car service
Racing Heroes: Tony Stewart
Crew Members: Paul Carlish
Why Late Models: Because they're the number 1 class in the world

Steve Van Zeeland Hope Island

Car number: 77

Engine: 436 Clements Chevrolet
Sponsors: Pennant Commercial Catering Equipment
Years racing: 31 years
Racing Heroes: Peter Brock

Favourite track: Toowoomba Speedway
Occupation: Managing Director

Crew members: Bruce Luxford, Ian Ducat
Why Late Models: The speed and the way they get up on the bars